New Magma Digi-Stick Case for USB Drives, Flash Drives and SD Cards


The Magma Digi Stick Case is a compact wallet for your USB sticks and SD cards.

The Magma Digi Stick Case is a unique, compact wallet that fits 4 USB sticks, and also includes flat pockets for SD cards, business cards, and small headphone adaptors. This one is a must for DJs that spin off of USB sticks and SD cards (or media people always on the move with pics/videos). You already know how easy it is to damage flash devices, and when you’re 4-5 hour set for that dream gig is sitting on a few 8, 16, or 32GB drives, key rings are just not the way to go.

Constructed of waterproof ballistic nylon, The Magma Digi Stick Case features 4 flexible neoprene USB stick holders, a mesh pocket for SD cards (or business cards, headphone adaptors, etc) as well as a high quality zipper to keep everything secure.

– Waterproof ballistic nylon
– 4 flexible neoprene USB stick holders
– Mesh pockets for SD cards or business cards
– High quality zipper

3 x 5 x 1 inches


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