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Specifically designed for mobile DJs who require a compact, portable system with minimal set-up time, the CDM-3650 Professional table top dual deck CD player/audio mixer combo is the ultimate affordable all-in-one unit.

The CDM-3650 is a professional table top dual deck cd player and mixer. Designed as a complete and integrated dj system for mobile dj's, bedroom dj's or install use. The cd player section offers all the functionality of high-end, professional cd players. The jog wheels provide hands-on control over your cds and the instant response buttons give quick play and control over your music. Large blue backlit lcd displays, fully programmable playback with repeat function, seamless loop with reloop, variable pitch control with a 16% range, single /continuous play modes, anti-shock using ram buffer memory mean you can get creative with a stable and reliable console. The two channel mixer, offers a 3-band eq with gain control allows for seamless mixing while balanced xlr outputs, microphone input and auxiliary inputs for phono or line devices, mean you can expand your set-up as required. Whatever the dj purpose, this competent and complete all-in-one dj system can always be relied upon.

Player Section:
- audio cd, cd-r, & mp3 compatible
- large blue backlit lcd display with text for mp3
- Variable pitch control with three settings: +/- 4, 8 & 16% and
master tempo control
- two large touch-sensitive jog wheels with three selectable
modes: scratch effect/cue search/pitch Bend
- one seamless loop per side with reloop
- anti-shock using ram buffer memory
- instant-start & cue with preview
- instant reverse for added effect
- Brake mode for vinyl-like stops
- Fader-start capability
- high speed rotary track search
- single & continuous play modes
- pitch bend via jog wheel or buttons: +/- 16%
- three mode time selection
- Frame accurate search
- Fully programmable with repeat function

Mixer Section:
- 3-band eQ with gain control
- 1/4" headphone output
- Xlr and 1/4" microphone input
- auxiliary inputs for phono or line devices
Dimensions: 19 x 10.2 x 4.3" (482 x 260 x 110 mm)
Weight: 12.1 lbs

About Gemini:
At gemini, our goal is to design products that offer value and innovation in the DJ and pro audio markets. since 1974, we've evolved and thrived by understanding the needs of our customers and recognizing industry trends. From our humble beginnings, we understood the potential of the DJ movement. and our ability to support this movement not only helped us grow as a company, it helped dJs gain recognition and esteem, calling deserved attention to your roles as artists and performers.

With success and growth comes evolution and expansion. the DJ revolution will always be near and dear to gemini, and we know there's still so much room for innovation, but our portfolio continues to develop in scope and diversity. today, gemini provides groundbreaking products for DJs, musicians, engineers, sound contractors and professional installers around the globe. we've built an international presence with affordable, reliable gear and long-standing relationships that span decades and continents.

Thanks to a rejuvenated focus on product development and global marketing, gemini is poised for boundless achievements. our products are backed by the commitment of passionate engineers and knowledgeable professionals whose dedication to our customers is unmatched. now, as vision and progress drive us, our devotion to service and innovation still remains paramount. For over thirty five years, we've designed gear with our customers in mind. it's a legacy we're proud of...and one that guides us as we look towards the future.


Gemini warrants its products to be free from defects for 1 year from the date of purchase.